Here’s to 2016 and a Thank you!

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A little overdue but here it goes……….

2016 was quite a year for us. Not only did we officially add Dave Halpern and Eric Safka to our band but we have in my opinion become the best version we have ever had of Colossal Street Jam. We released “Living Free” in November to rave reviews, and have gotten great airplay in our local area and internationally. Great things are happening for this band and we want to thank everyone for their support. You have no idea how much we truly appreciate all of you. I wanted to thank some people publically who helped us over this last year. First and foremost, Tony Tee Lewis of HiVoltageMusic. Tony is the 6th member of this band. His amazing ideas and intense involvement in every step of our recording process made the album better then we could have ever imagined. A true genius and wonderful friend. Stu Coogan, Rich Robinson and Jeff Raspe at 90.5 WBJB. It’s hard enough for an unsigned artist to get played once in a while on a radio station but to be added to their rotation and then be nominated for the best 90 releases of 2016 was so unexpected, and then to come in 78th was unreal. The Mooch and Mata show on WRSU. Good friends and great people who have made us their “House Band” for their weekly radio show. College stations are a great way to get your music out and to have them choose us is greatly appreciated. Thank you to all the radio stations that are playing us right now especially Lee Mrowicki at Beyond the Palace on Asbury Radio, Tom Hanley and Jersey Rock on 95.9 WRAT, jangoradio and WFDU. Thank you to Kyle Brendle at The Stone Pony for always believing in us and giving us a place to play even when we disappeared for a while, a great friend and a true Asbury Legend. Scott Stamper and everyone at The Saint, this awesome Asbury Venue has become our home. We love everything about this venue and every time we play there it’s sold out, Scott Stamper you have become an awesome friend and we thank you for what you do for original artists everywhere. Thanks to all who voted for us to be nominated at The Asbury Music Awards, our first nominations and show were a thrill. To be asked to play the show was incredible, we blew the roof off the joint! To John DiCapua, Brett Smith, Jack HINGE Pitzer and Thomas McMuffin Fraley, we thank you for always making us sound amazing. Thank you to Tony Pallagrossi for inviting us to be on our first LOD show in 2016. To Lou Borella, who dealt with my craziness in the design of our logo and CD artwork, you kicked ass my friend, it is amazing!
Thank you to all the great photographers especially Estelle Massry, Lou Borella, Tom Chiu, Drew Alexander and Jeff Crespi!
To all the bands and band members we have played with, we thank you for letting us be part of what you do so well. A special mention to Strumberry Pie, Laura and Dee Dee and the boys, we love you guys dearly! I am sure I have left out some but If I did I apologize, we thank everyone who has been part of this ride and it looks like 2017 will be even BIGGER!


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